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Stranded - Ten/Kate AU

"Potterhead?" He frowned. That was a new one on him, he’d never heard anything like that before. “I’m going to guess that means a fan?" He’d always wanted to go and meet JK Rowling, but he’d never really had the time for it until recently and he made a note to himself to take Kate - his Kate - to do just that when he got his TARDIS fixed. Just the thought of how long it could take him to get the ship working again was a reminder that he probably ought to go food shopping at some point.

"Oh yeah?" He grinned cheekily back at her. “Which one’s your favourite? Of the series, I mean."


"Yeah, good point there." He was praying that this one was going to be normal for once but doubted it seeing as he went hand in hand with trouble. He couldn’t help but laugh at her mention of wanting to go to the canteen first, though he was a bit weary about the food this time round from his previous experience. “Ah, I wouldn’t get my hopes up.. Canteen food’s not exactly been the best in the last schools I was at. But no, that’s not lame at all! I’d like that. It’d be nice." His smile widened at the thought of it, and it wasn’t as though he knew anyone else here just yet. 

"Yep. It means you’re rather obsessed," she teased, resting back against the seat as she crossed one leg over the other. Her eyes studied his for a moment and the smallest of smiles crossed over her lips at the cheek smile that was playing on his own. "It would have to be the Prisoner of Azkaban. Nothing else compares for me. How about you?" 

"Well," Kate gave a light shrug of her shoulders as she fiddled with the edges of her fingers. "You never know —— they may be different this time. It might be the ultimate cuisine." When he agreed to her proposal, a bright smile lit up her lips as she pulled her bag onto her shoulder, standing up as she looked down at him. "I’ll see you later then. We should probably go find our classes." 

Stranded - Ten/Kate AU

That nudge just confirmed his suspicions that this was definitely more than mere coincidence. She’d always done that to him before he’d dropped the Kate he knew properly off at home for a few days, and it finally hit him that he wouldn’t be getting back to pick her up anywhere near on time. Trying to keep it together, he laughed nervously and shifted a little bit in his chair. “Pride and Prejudice is a good one.” He agreed, trying to think. Unsurprisingly, his favourite book happened to be one that was released half a century on from now, so he had to cast his mind back to books he’d read and cut out the ones that were ahead of her time. “I’d say Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Oh, I cried..”

He raised an eyebrow, surprised. Somehow, he’d thought that she’d had at least one teaching job beforehand. “Really? You wouldn’t be able to tell.” He said honestly, casting a sideways glance at her. “Uh.. This should be my third. If you count helping out when I was training and the last school I was at, but the kids were a bit different, to say the least.” The latter was a massive understatement, seeing as that was back when the Krillitanes were trying to use the pupils to become “gods”, but all the same. 

Kate couldn’t help but notice the slight shift in his demeanour and it made her eyes narrow gently before she smiled at him as he thought. He looked like he’d be smart; well, you’d have to be to be a teacher like him. And her, of course. That was always something she forgot. But then as he continued, her smile brightened and she laughed. “You’re a Potterhead,” she quipped playfully with pursed lips. “It takes a real man to admit that he cries. But if you don’t cry at Harry Potter, you’re lying.” 

"Yeah, well. I s’pose it’s different in every school you go to, right? We’re all newbies when we first start off; getting used to all the little habits of people and stuff like that. And where the canteen is; that is first priority on my list. Apart from y’know, getting to know the kids and all that," she rolled her eyes, giving him a playful look. "—This sounds pretty lame but would you mind sitting with me at lunch?" 

Stranded - Ten/Kate AU

“Me too. It’s got so bad that I could probably open up a library or something.” He grinned, thinking back to how he was constantly adding to his collection back on board the TARDIS, as reading books was one of his favourite things to do whenever he wasn’t out exploring somewhere. “What’re your favourites? And thank you!” He almost laughed again at the thought of her believing him to look young. You really have no idea.. He thought to himself. “Same goes for you! Have you been teaching for long?” 

Kate laughed, shaking her head. “Yeah, you and I’ll get along just fine,” she said, giving him a small nudge before she softened and held her bag closer to her chest. “Where to begin?” she asked, pressing her finger to her lips. “I love the Classics. I don’t think I’ll ever read Pride and Prejudice too many times. How about you?” She shook her head, pursing her lips slightly. “This is my first teaching job, actually. How about you?” 

Stranded - Ten/Kate AU

He took her hand and shook it, trying to keep the smile on his face as everything suddenly fell into place in his mind as soon as she’d told him her name. This can’t be happening.. He thought to himself. It’s probably just a coincidence. “Nice to meet you, too.” He replied, then dropped her hand to run his own through his hair. “And yeah, I suppose you could say that.. I wouldn’t exactly be the best for English. I read too much for my own good and once I start talking about a book I’ve read, I can’t stop.” He laughed. “You’ll do well with it though, I bet.” 

She didn’t know what it was, but she felt something shift within both of their essences as their hands touched and she was more than happy to drop his hand as she, too, ran hers through her hair with a nervous chuckle. “Oh, tell me about it. I spend nearly all of my wages on books, it’s becoming a problem,” she said as she laughed along with him before her smile brightened and she nodded. “As you will. You’re young, bright, bubbly. Kids love that. Even teenagers like these ones.” 

Stranded - Ten/Kate AU

He couldn’t help feeling slightly disappointed that she wasn’t going to be in the same department as him. Still, it’d be nice to have someone to talk to as they were going through the same thing. Just the thought  ”Ah, don’t worry about it! So am I.” His normal life had never required him to be keeping up a stable job, so all of this was incredibly new to him. ”English sounds like a good subject to teach, though. I’m doing chemistry.” He nodded, still looking at her. Even her voice sounded familiar. “I’m John, by the way. What’s your name?” 

Kate nodded, smiling softly as she raised her eyebrows, “Yeah, I’m looking forward to it. And Chemistry that’s…wow, that’s intense,” she chuckled slightly, tilting her head at him. The thought of being a science teacher terrified her and she certainly hoped she would never be asked to cover a lesson for she knew squat. As he introduced himself, she tucked some hair behind her ear before holding out a hand. “Nice to meet you, John. I’m Kate.” 

Stranded - Ten/Kate AU

The sound of her voice brought him out of his réverie and he turned to look at her with a smile on his face. Just on first sight, he could tell that there was something that seemed so familiar about her but he couldn’t quite put her finger on it. 

“Yeah, it’s my first day..” He nodded, his eyes scanning her face for some kind of recognition, but got nothing. “Which subject are you going to be teaching?” He asked politely, still smiling slightly at her. 

Kate’s brow furrowed slightly as she saw the way he was looking at her before she returned the smile, coupling it with a small nod. “Mine, too,” she said even though that was pretty obviously. She leant forward, resting her elbows against her knees. “English. I can’t wait even though I’m absolutely bricking it,” she chuckled before blushing slightly. “Sorry, not the politest of phrases. How about you?” 

Stranded - Ten/Kate AU


Having stopped at the Rift in Cardiff to refuel, the Doctor found himself fancying paying London a visit. He was particularly fond of it as a city, specially because it stocked all of the necessities that he could never get anywhere else. As he was parking the TARDIS, though, the ship began to shudder, sending him flying onto the floor and sparks coming out of the console. Alarm bells started to go off inside his head and he got up, clinging to the console as he tried the best he could to land the ship with minimal damage. Much to his chagrin, this ended up in him crash landing somewhere that looked like the Chelsea end of London. 

The console was almost in tatters, the main power had been overridden and switched off and he had no idea what the hell had caused it. He dusted himself off, then knelt down and opened up the floor panels to have a look-see what was actually working under there and assess what exactly he needed to do to fix his ship again. After a few minutes, he realised that there was no quick fix for this, it was going to take a bloody long time. A month, at the least. And he was stuck in London.


Just under a week later, he was almost out of supplies, the ship was getting irritated with him inside his mind for trying and failing several different ways to try and fix her, and he was less than ten percent of the way towards being able to get back into the Vortex again. Frustrated, bored and his brain frazzled, it dawned on him that he really needed to get some kind of job as he kept having to resort to eating all of the meals he’d left in the back of the kitchen cupboards for a good reason and none of them tasted good in the slightest. 

He hated the idea of shop work, being in an office sounded like it would bore the hell out of him, and all he could come up with was teaching. He’d really enjoyed it back when he was travelling with Mickey and Rose, and before that he’d taught a few times at the Academy on Gallifrey, plus teaching a subject like one of the sciences could be a doddle for him. All he needed to do was flash around the psychic paper a bit and he could get into one of the local secondary schools around here. 

Eventually, he got an interview and, much to his delight, landed himself a job as a temporary chemistry teacher at a school a five minute walk away. 

On his very first morning, he strolled into reception just about on time and took a seat outside the headteacher’s office, waiting to go inside and discuss the details of the classes he’d be teaching. He got so wrapped up in his own thoughts about the day ahead of him that he didn’t even notice the woman taking the seat beside him. 

Jobs were becoming more and more difficult to find in this time; it seemed that Kate never would. But then, miraculously, she stumbled upon a teaching job. Better than that, teaching English. She adored books and literature and writing so it was more than perfect for her. That still didn’t change the fact that she was nervous on her first day; she’d be a fool if she wasn’t.

Hair slightly askew from the wind, she stepped inside with an apologetic smile for being a little late as she took a seat next to a man who seemed to be lost in his thoughts. She blew the hair from her face before she let out a relieved sigh that they had not sacked her the moment she stepped inside. Tilting her head slightly to look at the man, she couldn’t help but smile before she cleared her throat. 

"So, you’re new, too?"